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    Ask the Joya Ball

    Is branding really important - will it increase my bottom line?

    A strong brand can:
    • shorten your sales cycle
    • differentiate you from the competition
    • promote customer loyalty
  • Cannot

    Ask the Joya Ball

    Does my company need to
    be on facebook & twitter?

    The strategic use of social media
    asks the following questions:
    • Where is your target market online?
    • Do you have a plan you can measure?
    • Are you able to support social media operationally?
  • Who loves working with us and really sees results?

  • Decidedly

    Ask the Joya Ball

    Do I really need marketing if
    my sales are going well?

    Marketing enables sales growth by:
    • expanding your reach
    • helping to fill your sales funnel
    • shortening your sales cycle
  • Who loves working with us and really sees results?

  • Don’t
    On It

    Ask the Joya Ball

    Am I making as money as I can be?

    Strategic Marketing enables growth by:
    • knowing which products or services bring
      in the most money
    • determining products that cost the least to
    • packaging & delivering your products or
      services creatively and affordably
  • Who loves working with us and really sees results?

  • Who loves working with us and really sees results?

  • The website JoyaSolutions created for us far exceeded our expectations. Our message was brilliantly communicated and invited the viewer to engage our work in the friendliest way.

    JoyaSolutions listens to their client! The past organizations we contracted with were more interested in trying to show their creativity than listening to what we were looking for in a website.

    JoyaSolutions is talented, courageous, creative, caring and professional!

    Eric Siler, Think Like a Genius Foundation

  • I appreciate your ideas about what’s possible for our work and the ways we could take it out into the world. I know that ‘you get it’, the essense, and I know you see potential I don’t, or ways of moving ahead that are solid. I appreciate how yout think “forward” for and with me.

    Whitney Walpole, President of Culture Counts

  • JoyaSolutions is very efficient managing marketing campaigns. They tie marketing and sales together so that marketing drives sales with a tangible ROI. High Recommendation.

    Jon Dezelsky, VP, Sales & Marketing, EthicsGame

  • JoyaSolutions did an awesome job... they dug into our market and provided valuable insight into some aspects we hadn't yet discovered. Dana is an individual who works hard to provide results that will improve your bottom line.

    Jennifer Beach, Founder & Managing Partner, Starfire, LLC

Featured Work

  • Think Like a Genius

    Situation: Think Like a Genius Foundation is is a forward thinking creative not-for-profit.They came to us looking to relaunch their programs with new partners to deliver the award winning youth curriculum.

    Solution: JoyaSolutions created a compelling website as well as a beautiful animated presentation which they have used successfully to walk their sponsors through their new model and give them a rich experience of the work.

    Link to Site | Link to Presentation

  • Ethics Game

    Situation: EthicsGame had not updated their brand and website since the beginning of their company. With a shift in focus to growth and new markets they needed a more professional presence.

    Solution: JoyaSolutions created fresh brand and marketing strategies that supported their goals. Coming from a whole business perspective, we developed a content-rich website that spoke to all audiences for their various products and positioned them for rapid growth.

    Link to Site

  • Token Tags

    Situation: A local jeweler needed to build an online store and increase traffic to her retail location.

    Solution: JoyaSolutions provided TokenTags with a marketing and technical strategy that made it easy for a non-techie business owner. We designed, developed and wrote content for her CMS website and implemented a highly customizable e-commerce storefront with full product support.

    Link to Site

  • Geek Mentor

    Situation: Geek Mentor is a B-Corp that committed to creating an enviroment that fosters supportive mentoring relationships between seasoned professionals and up and coming geeks - primarily in the software development community.

    Solution: JoyaSolutions created a brand that fulfilled their commitment to being playful and professional. Their logo and color palate is attractive to both men and women and it connects with the geek inside each of us.

  • Asian Chamber of Commerce

    Situation: The Colorado Asian Chamber of Commerce required a new corporate identity that would better reflect the diversity of their members and support the design of their forthcoming website.

    Solution: JoyaSolutions provided a branding strategy and new logo design. We worked with members of their board to capture all of their commitments. The logo represents a significant departure from their old design and promotes an inclusive and contemporary expression of who they are.

  • Sproffer

    Situation: Sproffer is a soon to be released viral coupon marketing product that needed a brand identity.

    Solution: JoyaSolutions created the name for the product, Sproffer (Spread the Offer), and developed a brand identity that could be incorporated into both the marketing and product initiatives.

  • Culture Counts

    Situation: Culture Counts was looking for a way to express their brand position in the market, language their distinct value proposition and determine best paths forward for business expansion.

    Solution: JoyaSolutions partnered with Culture Counts to optimize business strategies to focus on increased ROI. We designed and developed products that allow them to effectively deliver their work and increase their sales without corresponding increases in staff.

    Link to Site

  • Root40 Music Festival

    Situation: A local business improvement district needed a website for a new music festival that they want to promote and grow into a revenue generating event for their organization.

    Solution: JoyaSolutions provided an impromptu strategy session that expanded what they thought was possible. We encouraged them to approach the event, in an integrated way and to view PR and sponsor opportunities as revenue strategies. We explored how to increase participation and brand awareness while decreasing manual logistics using the latest technologies.

  • RMD Signs

    Situation: The sign company came to us seeking a rebrand to improve their reputation in the community.

    Situation: After early discussions, we recommended that before spend money on a rebrand to first implement a process definition and improvement project that would address the concerns of their customers. We performed a process and system analysis across their business activities and facilitated collaborative sessions with their staff to resolved inefficiencies.

  • inCause

    Situation: InCause came to us with a site partially built and a vendor who could not support getting them launched. An upcoming event witht he Autism Foundation meant they needed a launch within four weeks.

    Solution: The project necessitated a rewrite of the majority of the application which connects businesses to causes in the community. It was launched on time and has since been enhanced with Stripe ecommerce functionality that allows the new causes to immediately accept donations upon signup.

    Link to Site

  • JoyaCMS

    Situation: With most CMS platforms, each installed instance supports a single customer, which complicates support initiatives for developers and technical users.

    Solution: JoyaSolutions developed JoyaCMS as a .NET MVC product that is specifically multi-tenant and intended for web developers to use as a platform from which they can create custom systems. It supports a broad diversity of web design while ensuring the non-techie user experience is simple.

  • ThriveBoards

    Situation: For 15 years, Culture Counts has been using a set of Excel spreadsheets to support a complex process for managing goals within a company.

    Situation: JoyaSolutions developed the ThriveBoards product to optimize and standardize the scoreboard experience for users. The product simplifies distribution of scoreboards across a company, manages for consistent and integrated data, and automates the creation of new scoreboards.

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Creative and Strategic Consulting

  • Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Definition
  • ROI Analysis
  • Social Media Plans
  • Customer Retention

Graphic Design

  • Logo Design
  • Web & Blog Design
  • Print Media
  • Corporate Identity
  • Web User Experience
  • Responsive Design

Websites and Applications

  • Web Development
  • Custom Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Emerging Technology
  • Multi-Media
  • Animation

Get to Know Us

We are business builders.

JoyaSolutions is an independent marketing and technology firm based in Denver, Colorado. In a rapidly changing world, we continually focus on creating the most effective strategies for our clients, which have them able to compete in a digital world.

We help SMBs see where offerings can be unique in light of strengths, investments and assets... and we do it in a way that is fun and approachable.

How we charge.

We take our clients on a journey to excellence and results. The journey usually involves finding a better way to approach and optimize your marketing and sales budgets.

You may not need us when this journey is completed. That’s fine. But if you choose to become a regular, that is great too.

We work on project fee or retainer. We will also include an element of performance related pay when projects are suitable.